Filter Fume Hood With Steel Structure

January 19, 2016

Filter Fume Hood Series

General Information:

 pipe Net-free gas fume hood series line with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001  SEFA  SGS certification. Product is designed to protect the safety of laboratory personnel in the operation, operators can be avoided in the experimental inhalation of toxic, pathogenic or toxic chemical substances of unknown, efficient air purifying fume hoods and the laboratory, providing security protection for laboratory personnel.

Specifications of Filter Fume Hoods:

1.Metal parts: main material 1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, electrostatic spraying epoxy resin, coated with durable protective lead-free coating, high smoothness and reduce the possibility of corrosion and the effects of moisture.

2.Front panel and side panels: info 6mm acrylic sheet, excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, anti-aging, colorless and transparent, surface light, visual comfort, elegant appearance.

3.Seven-inch LCD touch-screen display, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, fan control, VOC concentration in environmental monitoring and alarm systems.

4.The United States imported PLC fan, 24-volt current, stable performance, ultra-quiet, no spark of static electricity.

5.Efficient filtering system, listed according to their particle size distributions, adhere to the ASTM standard, effective for acid gases and organic gases adsorption capacity, uses a high efficiency HEPA filter for particles, particles larger than 0.3um, filtration efficiency up to 99.995%.

6.LED lamp power 25W lamp, does not produce heat, security does not affect experimental ambient temperature, energy saving, environmental protection and long service life.

7.Epoxy resin has excellent chemical stability, superior corrosion resistance, good impact resistance without damage, high temperature performance, one core, long service life, no delamination, no expansion, no cracks.





Technical Parameter of Filter Fume Hood Series:

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